Grow with Me Pants in Mushrooms, Stripes or Veggies

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These grow-with-me pants have foldable cuffs and a yoga-style waist. This listing is for a set of jogger/legging pants. They will fit more loosely (as joggers) towards the bottom of the size range, and more closely (as leggings) at the top of their size range. They're made of organic euro cotton jersey knit, and are handmade to order.

Do you know about Grow With Me clothes? They're amazing because they fit 3 times longer than most children's clothing! These pants use foldable cuffs and a foldable, yoga-style waistband to fit a wide range of sizes.

What does this mean for you?
- more economical! (ethically produced fabrics and handmade garments cost more, so the longer they last, the better for your wallet!)
- keep a garment you/your kiddo loves in use longer
- fits in between store-bought sizes
- ecologically more sustainable (less material used)

NOTE: We recommend measuring your little one and checking the size chart before ordering for the best fit!

These pants are sewn with a professionally developed and tested pattern originally from Apple Tree Sewing. Seams are finished with an overlocker for durability and comfort. Most fabric is typically not prewashed unless you specially request it, so shrinkage up to 5% is normal and expected during the first wash.